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Career Summary (2002-2024)

ZorZi El Hoyek may not have the most common name in Lebanon, but his journey through life has been anything but ordinary. According to his mom's colorful tales, his entrance into the world was marked by a twist of fate—quite literally—as the doctor had to pull his legs first. And at just 9 months old, he took a tumble from his stroller, landing squarely on his noggin. While most would consider these incidents unlucky, many CCOs have actually thanked fate for this series of misadventures.

From his early days, ZorZi displayed exceptional talent in sports, excelling as a professional volleyball player from school to university, winning titles and even earning a spot on the national under-21 team. This prowess on the court foreshadowed his future successes.

Transitioning from sports to the world of advertising, ZorZi found himself on a winning streak once again for the past 21 years he has been in the industry. With stints at multinational agencies across Beirut, Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai—including heavyweights like Publicis, Leo Burnett, FP7 McCann, Y&R, BBDO, Edelman, Delphys —he amassed an impressive portfolio of clients. From automotive, to banking, telco, FMCGs, insurance, household, sports, etc… to name few clients: Renault, Nestlé, Middle East Airlines, Chevrolet, P&G, Unilever, QNB Bank, Vodafone Qatar, McDonald’s GCC, Pizza Hut GCC, MAF, City Centre, Mobily KSA, Ministry of Education UAE, Toyota, Al Marai, Canon, along with pitching…ZorZi's creative prowess knew no bounds.

But it's not just his professional achievements that set ZorZi apart—it's his unique sense of humor. Over the years, he's accumulated more than 15 tons of tomatoes for his relentless dad jokes, proof that he is capable of keeping spirits high even in the most stressful of environments.

As a leader, ZorZi has always championed excellence, pushing his teams to exceed expectations and break new ground in creativity. Under his guidance, CODE8 Digital—a boutique agency that began with just 4 members—has flourished, growing to nearly 30 talents and consistently delivering work that rivals that of larger agencies.

With a knack for Arabic copywriting inherited from a poetic lineage, ZorZi has been instrumental in bridging cultural divides and effectively communicating with local audiences. His contributions have been pivotal in securing major wins for brands like Mars, Unilever, and Savola Group and the list is growing…

In summary, ZorZi embodies creativity, resilience, and humor, eagerly seeking opportunities to contribute to innovative environments.






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